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About Ayala

Many describe Ayala Raiter’s jewelry as wearable artAyala’s unique, finely crafted pieces are created with an artist’s vision and make a strong connection between art and fashion. Art speaks to us in very personal ways. Ayala's work reflects emotional expression through beauty and the passion for creating the perfect piece of art that is your jewelry.

The Ayala Raiter brand exemplifies the delicate harmony between fashion and nature reflected in all of Ayala’s hand-crafted piece.  The symbolism of the ancient Chinese horse from the Chou period speaks to nobility, pride, and achievement. These qualities are as inspiring to Ayala as they are noted by the wearer of her jewelry.

Individuality is as important to those who wear Ayala’s artisan designs. Stylists are among Ayala's returning customers who value jewelry that speaks to the wearer and the observer. The woman who wears Ayala Raiter is creative, sophisticated, independent enough to make her own choices, and knows what she wants and what she deserves.

Every piece is hand made to order. Please allow for 5-8 days for order processing.

Ayala's Mission Statement

“Every piece of my ‘art jewelry’ reflects a labor and journey of love that mirrors my many electric emotions. I am grateful to be spiritually guided on this creative journey, and try to intertwine many of nature’s ‘natural fibers’ and its abundance of ‘healing crystals’ in each of my pieces. I take great care to combine these natural elements with other materials so that each piece is not only an original work of art, but maintains a harmonious balance to nature and supplies positive energy to the wearer. I hope that my art visually conveys the feeling behind each handcrafted piece, it’s ‘heirloom characteristics’, as well as the quality of craftsmanship. I take tremendous pride in my creations. My art expresses me intimately and I am thrilled to share my passions with you. I wish you much harmony and balance in life as you enjoy my unique creations!”


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